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      Give me time, muttered Ninus. Do you suppose the gods can be invoked as we draw water or chop wood? It would be a pity, she added, pointing to the numerous articles on the table, if all this should have been done in vain. I was obliged to bargain with and bribe slaves. How else could I get a mans shoe or the fringe from his upper garment? But to bargain and bribe....But, ah! how swiftly, threateningly they grew: the smaller, two-masted fore-and-afts, each seemingly unarmed but for one monster gun pivoted amidships, and the towering, wide-armed three-masters, the low and the tall consorting like dog and hunter. Now, as they came on, a nice eye could make out, down on their hulls, light patches of new repair where our sunken fleet had so lately shot and rammed them, and, hanging over the middle of each ship's side in a broad, dark square to protect her vitals, a mass of anchor chains. Their boarding-netting, too, one saw, drawn high round all their sides, and now more guns--and more!--and more! the huger frowning over the bulwarks, the lesser in unbroken rows, scowling each from its own port-hole, while every masthead revealed itself a little fort bristling with arms and men. Yes, and there, high in the clouds of rigging, no longer a vague pink flutter now, but brightly red-white-and-blue and smilingly angry--what a strange home-coming for it! ah, what a strange home-coming after a scant year-and-a-half of banishment!--the flag of the union, rippling from every peak.

      No one pitied him. Who knew much about a poor comedian? In whatever character he appeared the spectators saw only a close linen mask, which covered the whole head, and a costume that suited the mask. An Agonists might appear in three or four parts, year after year on the great holidays, might grow old on the stage, but win admiration and affectionimpossible! It was the lifelike disguise, the mask and robe which the populace applauded. Who was concealed beneath no one knew and no one cared to know.

      His or some other persons; what do you know about it? Help me to get the horse into the shed.

      I's bound to be a ladies' man.


      Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Siete Cartas escritas al Rey, Anos de 1565 y 1566, MSS. These are the despatches of the Adelantado Menendez to Philip the Second. They were procured for the writer, together with other documents, from the archives of Seville, and their contents are now for the first time made public. They consist of seventy-two closely written foolscap pages, and are of the highest interest and value as regards the present subject, confirming and amplifying the statements of Solis and Mendoza, and giving new and curious information with respect to the designs of Spain upon the continent of North America.



      At the young girls movement a flood of joy swept through Callippides heart, and he became even happier when he fancied he read good-will in the look with which Melitta gazed at him."Ah, Gnral, yo' moze ob-edient! Never less al-lone then when al-lone? 'T is the way with myseff--"