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      This isnt such a bad scheme, at that, Dick concluded mentally. If there should be anybody on the lookoutrobbers or somebody who wants to see whats going onno one will see any connection between us passing here and then climbing to get a good wind for a run down the coast toward Maine, and a hydroplane thats acting as if it had some engine trouble.

      THE END OF THE '45. (After the Painting by John Pettie, R.A., by permission of the late Captain Hill.)

      Youre right, Sandy admitted. By the way, Jeff is back at Bennett Field, taking up passengers for hire again.When, therefore, Mrs. Landor said, with the utmost composure, that it was too bad, his gasp was audible.

      She stood by the mound for a little while thinking of him, of how well he had lived and died, true to his standard of duty, absolutely true, but lacking after all that spirit of love without which our actions profit so little and die with our death. She had a clearer realization of it than ever before. It came to her that Charles Cairness's life, wandering, aimless, disjointed as it was, and her own, though it fell far below even her own not impossibly high ideals, were to more purpose, had in them more of the vital force of creation, were less wasted, than his had been. To have known no enthusiasmswhich are but love, in one form or anotheris to have failed to give that impulse to the course of events which every man born into the world should hold himself bound to give, as the human debt to the Eternal.

      "You ain't goin' to try to stop him?" the boy said stupidly. "He was goin' to leave Tombstone at sundown. He'll be to the place before you ken ketch him, sure."Scatter! cried he. She has turned off!



      I ought to, Larry also advanced, rather sheepishly. I tackled you the day you floated the dory out to the cracked-up seaplane.


      [See larger version]She went to get their lunch ordered.