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      Trafford could not speak. He turned back into the room and looked round for her. He could not see her.

      Lilias looked a little startled, and went out rather slowly, and Esmeralda went up to her own room. As the day wore on, the coming dinner-party began to make itself felt, and quite half an hour before the usual time Barker came in to dress her. Esmeralda was lying down; she had been pacing up and down the room until she had nearly worn herself out, and she received Barker with a listlessness and indifference which filled that young woman with dismay.

      Dogs Ear is going to put up the coach at the Gulch, he said. Dont shout and dont laugh, for, after a moment of incredulous astonishment, some of them opened their mouths as if to greet the statement with a contemptuous guffaw. Its a fact; William overheard those two fellows yesterday. See? Right! Now, boys, for the plan of attack. You, Taffy, and MacGrath will ride round the bend and get behind the clump of trees on the left side of the road. Go right round, and keep a sharp lookout. Benson and Karl will keep a quarter of a mile this side, and wait in the hollow; Bill and I will hide ourselves on the other side of the Gulch. If all goes well, and Dogs Ear doesnt smell a rat, theyll drop on the coach as it passes over the bridge. It will take them a minute or two to put up the coach, and well wait until theyre engaged in the business, and drop on them. Wait till you hear me fire, and then ride in. Got it?

      A red streak and white sun-lit puff sprang from the leading monitor's turret, and the jarring boom of a vast gun came over the water, wholly unlike the ringing peals of Gaines's lighter armament. Now its opposite cranny puffed and thundered. The man smiled an instant. "Spitting on her hands," he said, but then murmured to himself, "Lord! look at that wind!"



      Im rather curious to fit in a little piece of this puzzle which seems to me to be missing just at present, and which the thing wants to make it a complete map of the whole business. Youve seen those childrens puzzles, I dare say, my lord?Up at Odd Fellows' Hall a large company was organizing a great military fair. There the Callenders were awaited by Flora and Madame, thither they came, and there reappeared the General and his train. There, too, things had been so admirably cut and dried that in a few minutes the workers were sorted and busy all over the hall like classes in a Sunday-school.


      As he made his way along the rough foot-path, he heard the sound of a horses hoofs. He stopped, and instinctively slid his hand upon his revolver. It is a trick which one very soon acquires in the wilds.CHAPTER XXXIX.