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      "No!how can I?"Certainly, Miss Propert. What is it?

      "Nono," replied Isabella, "do not fear for me?This is so strange, I must hear what you have to say."

      The next morning, when his lord had released him from attendance, Calverley, little satisfied with the progress of his vengeance, left the castle, and walked on to meditate alone more uninterruptedly on the canker-worm within.

      I want to ask your pardon, Miss Propert, he said, for my conduct to you this morning. I am sure you did not charge me more than your work was worth. I like your design very much. I shall be truly grateful to you if you will let me have that plate. I am sorry. Thats all.... I am sorry.


      That was how the Rev. Roger Ades started his ministrations at Odiam. At first Reuben was disgusted. He had never before had truck with Dissenters, whom he considered low-class and unfit for anyone above a tenant farmer. He was outraged by the thought of the pastor's almost daily visits, accompanied by loud singing of hymns in Albert's bedroom. However, he did not actually forbid him the house, for Pete had brought him there, and Reuben never treated Pete exactly as he treated his other sons. Pete was the only member of his family who had so far not disgraced Odiamexcept the two little boys, who were too youngand he was always careful to do nothing that might unsettle him and drive him into his brother's treacherous ways.[Pg 373] So the pastor of Ebenezer came unchecked, and doubtless his ministrations were appreciated, for as time went by the intervals between them grew shorter and shorter, till at last Mr. Ades was more often in the house than out of it.


      I should like to know a little more about your family trouble, he said. Any other children beside yourself? I remember you once told me your mother was a widow.


      On the third day from this, Calverley, bearing the felon's brand, unwept and unknown, was laid in the stranger's grave.