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      "Very good, very good, indeed. You'll be an ornament to Headquarters."

      "Why, ain't he here?"At this they all turned agin him & began yellin at him 2 put his head in a bag. He turned 2 me savage as a meat-ax, but I ketched him by the throat, & bent him back over the seat. The Provo-Guard cum up, & I explained it 2 them, & showed my passes for me & Abe. So they made us all sit down & keep quiet.

      "But Linden saw another light.

      "I'm afraid there's no use of picking up Corp'l Klegg and Shorty," said the Lieutenant, with tears in his eyes. "They got the rebel flag, but they're lying there stiff and cold.""Fifty cents on the deuce; 50 cents on the five," said Shorty, laying down the fractional currency.


      Almost at the same time the same discovery had been made at other points in the long line moving to the assault; the inside of the works were quickly filled with a mob of rushing men, who seemed to lift the clouds with their triumphant yells.SI AND SHORTY were too glad to get their boys back, and too eager to find their regiment, to waste any time in scolding the derelicts.



      "Give up your arms, then, and we'll help you up to the fire, and see how badly you're hurt," said Si.