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      "Jist bey antjist bey ant them cedars therenot a musket-shot away," answered Jim, pointing to the place."You jest bet I will. Any loafer that don't pay proper respect to this here staff'll git his blamed neck broke."

      "Officer nothin'. You can't play that on us," said Si. "Halt, there, boys, and stand fast."

      "It is good they do not," Cadnan said stubbornly. "A slave is a big thing, and Cadnan is only a little thing. It is better to be big than little."

      She picked the child out of the cradle, and began to walk up and down the room, rocking it in her arms. Fanny's wails grew louder, more long-drawn, and more plaintive.


      "Maybe you're right," he said with his back to Dodd's still figure. "There ought to be some way of getting people off-planet, people who just don't want to stay here.""Just the same as dress parade every day," answered the Chief Clerk. "Don't want any scarecrows around these Headquarters. We're on dress parade all the time before the people and other soldiers, and must show them how soldiers ought to appear. You'll find a barber-shop and a bootblack around the corner. Make for them at once, and get yourself in shape to represent Headquarters properly."


      "Silence in the ranks," commanded Shorty, snappishly. "Don't fool around. Git into your place and stay there. We want breakfast some time today." recommendation the Colonel has issued a special order


      Whairz mi Gunn???