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      "About a hundred; same we saw yesterday; captain at the rear; that means our fellows are close behind them.""My father? no; but he's prejudiced! That's one of the things I can never understand--why nearly all the girls I know have such prejudiced fathers."

      While thus talking, and trying to conjure up absurd things, they reached the hotel, and soon were seated at breakfast.

      "Wait," said the Clockwork man, without altering his position, "moment of luciditysee things as they arebegin to understand[Pg 89]finite worldonly one thing at a time. Now we've got ita place for everything and everything in its place."Why? It is very unwise of you. Ill tell Mr Keeling as soon as I get there in the morning. Im sure hell think you were right.

      "The streets are almost of chess-board regularity, and generally so clean that you might go out to walk in satin slippers without much danger of soiling them. The people are finer-looking than those of Tokio, and you meet more stalwart men than in the eastern capital. Kioto prides itself on the beauty of its women, and some of the Japanese writers say that they cause the women of all other parts of the country to despair. They are very proud of their head-dresses, and they have a great many ornaments for the hair; in fact, there are so many of these things, and the trade is so extensive, that you find whole shops devoted to their manufacture and sale.


      They went on deck soon after, and, sure enough, several whales were in sight. Every little while a column of spray was thrown into the air,[Pg 57] and indicated there was a whale beneath it.


      No, you didnt mean that! said Keeling.{144}


      "The chances are few," he answered; "even to General Austin she laughs and says we must let the story work itself out; that she is the fool in it, but there is a chance for the fool to win if not too much burdened with help.""But this does not explain him," broke in the Doctor, bitterly.


      "Don't hurry home," warned the Doctor. "Take things quietly."